Red onions

Red onions

We process ourselves Belgian and Dutch onions and pack them from 1 kg to 25 kg.

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Wortelen Kimco packaging

From seed to distribution

Kimco N.V. follows the entire production process of the carrots very carefully: from the choice of the field and seeds, storage depots, packing, distribution and sales. We would like to give you a brief overview of the production process.

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Group carrots

You can choose how you want to receive your carrots. Choose the weight (from 500gm up to 20 kg), the size, weight and packaging type - plastic, foil, bulk, net bags or trays etc.


We process Belgian and Dutch onions and can pack them in weights from 1 kg up to 25 kg. 


Our scallions are of French origin. We can offer them in packs from 500 g up to 5 kg.


Our garlic is of French and Spanish origin. We offer it peeled or unpeeled, and in packs from 100 g up to 7 kg.

Herbs and other vegetables

Kimco N.V. has an extensive range of other vegetables and herbs. This allows us to offer a broad range of products to our customers.